Naked Porn

So what is one of the most popular adult sites.  I am always surprised when I hear this but it is Penthouse.  I think if you are like me you think of it as old school.  Of course they work with all the top adult talent in the business but I think about them more as a magazine.  They are still around and apparently doing very well online.  They have a really massive archive of quality movies and the quality is outstanding.  I guess I always only saw the magazine and never watched one of their porductions.  But the truth is it’s probably the most professional I have ever seen.


Creampie HD

So one of my personal favorite sites is all internal.  I love the video quality and the models.  Most of them are European I say this because while it is filmed in English they all have accents.  I personally like the accents.  I wish I knew what country they filmed in because the women are incredibly good looking.  What ever country it is I want to go visit.  I’m going to guess Iceland or Hungry.  I have heard that the most beautiful women in the world are from Hungry. One day I will visit both places to find out for sure and I promise you that I will bring my camera and maybe even try to shoot some video.


Teen Porn

There are a lot of teen porn sites on the internet.  Most of them feature women that don’t actually look like teens they have their hair in pony tails and they are wearing cheap cheer leader outfits. It’s just the way they do things in the adult industry.  And one thing is true.  Most of the true teen sites don’t feature a lot of boy on girl action.  If you see that then you know it’s being staged and the actress is older than a teen.  you can understand that because the legal age to perform as a teen is short only 18 or 19 years of age.  One site I love because the camera work is amazing and they shot the films in real HD is tamed teens. The problem is that they don’t update regularly.  And a lot of the content on the site is actually from a few years ago.  The models are now older than teens.

Busty Girls

So how exactly do you describe a busty girl.  There are a lot of things that you might differ on that most people.  some might say they are BBW.  Big beautiful women.  Others might say a busty girl has big boobs but is not fat.  Some might say she is a girl with big breasts and an hour glass figure.  I would personally define them as a girl with curves that might be a little chubby and has big boobs.  And I would define big boobs as at least double DD’s.  that being said a big tit babe would have to be at least DDD.  One good example is prime cups that adult site.

Gonzo Movies

So one of the original reality videos made was the gonzo movies.  It was amateur and defined by being shot from the photographers point of view.  Usually that would mean the guy was holding the camera.  The thought at the time was that it’s popularity was because the men could picture themselves in the scenes. I think later on with the popularity of reality porn the real reason is evident.  It was popular because it seemed real.  It wasn’t actors pretending to like having sex on camera.  The performances tended to be truthful.  The actor was filming and was in the moment and it came through on film. Maybe Hollywood could learn a lesson or two from those old gonzo movies like Perfect Gonzo.